I'm a UX designer at DesignMap, a San Francisco based studio specializing in complex design problems. 

My years of experience solving problems at startups and companies with limited resources have taught me to lead and be creative under pressure. I approach UX with a background in visual design, marketing & service design. I fell in love with UX while participating in local hackathons and was awarded the Design for Change Fellowship at General Assembly.

I'm the type of gal who dances at her desk to 80's music and will never get over the fact that there's free coffee in the office. Lover of graphic novels, geriatric cats and clever puns. Always in search of the elusively-satisfying triple entendre.



  • COLLABORATION — I thrive in teams where we challenge and inspire one another.
  • PASSION — I love the entire product design process and the act of creating.
  • EMPATHY — I'm an advocate. For users, developers, for business needs. I see problems from different angles and approach designs holistically.
  • STRATEGY — Time is often of the essence. I work quickly to identify KPIs and the most efficient, valuable methods to achieve target outcomes. 
  • STORYTELLING — I craft compelling stories that get to the core value proposition of a product and user needs.
  • LEADERSHIP — I've managed diverse teams and international offices. I lead through facilitation and creative problem solving.



"Micah was a joy to work with. We had a hard task for her and her team to solve in creating a UX for a CRM that catered to art dealers and art professionals. With a tight turn-around time from spec-to-prototype Micah was able to quickly understand the problem, break down the inefficiencies in our client's current process and deliver a solution that created a buttery-smooth and delightful user-experience for our target client. Micah is a great communicator and takes time to understand the goals of your team. She goes above and beyond expectations all to ensure she's bringing value to our end-user."

— Sean Green, Founder at ARTLOCAL APP


"Micah was a real lifesaver for me when she arrived at ORAM. Not only is she intelligent and highly competent at anything she puts her mind to, she is also capable of working with little direction and sticking with difficult tasks. She has great initiative, is incredibly resourceful, and I recommend her highly."

— Natalie DeJarlais, Deputy Director at USENIX Association



"You can ask Micah to do anything and she'll have it for you on-time and flawless -- and with three different versions to choose from. She's smart, creative and a team leader. A really great colleague!"

— Kristin Hatch, Development Director at Homeless Prenatal Program




"Micah is a natural leader. She's thoughtful, communicative and has a fantastic eye for design. Her passion for people was apparent in her work - her company was enjoyed by clients, staff and donors alike. You'd be lucky to have her on your team."

— Martha Ryan, Founder & Executive Director at Homeless Prenatal Program




You can find me traveling, writing awful poetry, discovering new words and still exploring the city after 8 years in SF.