A project brief was provided at the first meeting with the client, setting clear expectations for the design.







Three user personas were also provided, highlighting typical key Curios customers and the user journeys they might take through the site.

Father visits website for the first time to purchase a Lego Millennium Falcon for his daughter

Grandmother returns to the website looking for a beginner-level magic trick for her grandson

Retro-collector has selected an Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle, and now wants to complete the check-out process



I completed a competitive analysis to better understand the existing options available to online toy shoppers and Curio’s business climate. I compared the user’s experience in product discovery, site navigation, checkout, and overall site heuristics. Additionally, I conducted a comparative analysis of fashion e-commerce sites focused on quality and curated collections.


Sites either fell on two extremes of the spectrum: overloaded with products and an overwhelming user experience, or a scarce offering of products with limited navigation

Loss of personality and brand in stores that provided a wider offering and range of products

Loss of credibility and heuristic value in stores that provided a more specialized and smaller inventory

The Curios advantage in this market lies in its distinctive brand personality and offerings as a store.
It’s the magic of discovery, the feelings of novelty, nostalgia and inspiration Ted and Susan have so carefully curated in their 30 years of business.

The Curios site should have the brand recognition and community feeling of Etsy with the refinement of a well-crafted fashion store.