Design with purpose

Design with purpose


Community Engagement

I believe in bringing communities together across the tech and housing divide. I've coordinated art exhibitions, hackathons, design workshops for First Graduate youth and Barnraises benefiting local non-profits.


Maximizing Impact

For the solo or overworked designer, templates are a fast way to up-level your UX process and evangelize across teams. At DesignMap, I made a series of our most commonly used tools to share with clients and our industry.


Dignity in Design

Visual design, marketing and storytelling for a family service agency engaged donors and supporters while celebrating the achievements and strengths of low-income families.


Changing Perspectives with Film

I coordinated research, filming and translation in Mexico, Uganda and South Africa to produce a short documentary and advocacy report for the U.S. Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration. 


To boost morale, I produced a delightful music video inspired by Pharrell Williams' "Happy".